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"Euna and I would like to thank you for your help keeping us healthy and flexible during the pregnancy. We appreciated your personal attention to our needs. Thank you!" -- Sam Koo, M.D.

“Strengthening the core muscles helps structurally in supporting the lumbar spine and allowing patients to move more freely and comfortably. In a number of my chronic low back pain patients, I have seen Pilates help dramatically in restoring function and improving quality of life. Pilates has helped me to overcome my own lower back problems. It is therapeutic exercise and I am a believer in its benefits.” --Dr. Carlos Giron, Pain Management Specialist

"I would urge individuals and especially the more mature individual to invest in a few Pilates sessions with a certified instructor. You will learn many different and interesting things about your physical and mental abilities. You are never too old to embrace new forms of physical improvement, and especially those that will improve your quality of life." -Claudia Straus



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