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Discipline Pilates offers standing appointments for semi-private training six days a week and private sessions which offer more flexibility in scheduling. Please call us at 478-718-1499 and we will be happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment.

Private Sessions
Private sessions include instruction on the Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and Reformer, and are the easiest way to learn Pilates. They give you sole attention and the opportunity to create a work-out specific to your needs and goals. Private sessions are also the best way to start for anyone new to the Pilates Method.

• Single Session $65.00
• 10 Sessions $600.00
• 20 Sessions $1100.00

Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions
These are small group classes with two or three people taught on Reformers with the additional use of Spine Correctors, small balls and props. Our program includes jumping on the padded footplate, Bikini Series for strengthening hips and low back, and postural training designed to correct rounded shoulders and a protruding neck. Private sessions are not required in order to join, but are highly recommended, especially for anyone not familiar with our equipment.

• Single Session $30.00
• 10 Sessions $275.00
• 20 Sessions $500.00

Semi-Private Sessions

Ten Week Challenges
These packages provide the greatest value. They cost the same as 20 sessions, but offer up to ten additional sessions which expire after ten weeks.

Ten week challenges are offered for both private and semi-private sessions. All challenges require a 10 week commitment with an expiration date as the motivating factor for attendance. Semi-privates are offered six days per week with a preset schedule of standing appointments. Private sessions provide more flexibility when scheduling.

Massage Therapy
These sessions are scheduled most mornings, and throughout the day on Fridays and Saturdays.

• 60 Minute Sessions $80
• 90 Minute Sessions $125

Massage Therapy

Cancellation & Payment Policy
Please call within 24 hours to cancel a scheduled appointment to avoid being charged for the session. All classes, private and semi-private, and massage therapy are non-refundable and expire within a year, excluding ten week challenges, which expire after ten weeks. All Pilates sessions are 45 minutes.



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