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This calm, welcoming and personal studio can accommodate the needs of patients referred by physicians, as well as structurally healthy people interested in having a knowledgeable and empowering way to solve their own problems. We are not a fitness factory with high volume and revolving door turnover. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment that works for absolutely everyone. Our goal is that each person is happy and satisfied with their entire experience. The guiding principle of the studio is that care and outcome result from a compassionate and interested approach to regaining real health.


With Mary Bowen, 2017

My name is Jordana Adler and I am the owner of Discipline Pilates. I began teaching Pilates classes in Macon at the Wellness Center and Wesleyan college. During that time, I was a massage therapist at Dr. Gaudet's chiropractic office. I wanted to combine my interest in Pilates and massage therapy into one practice, so I moved to Atlanta to study how physical therapists are using Pilates for rehabilitation. My focus is on learning what type of Pilates is most likely to meet clients' goals in order to make the most positive impact on their lives.

My background:

Early 1990s: studied Laban Movement Analysis at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Early 2000s: Taught Pilates classes at Mathews Fitness Center at Wesleyan, the Wellness Center, Macon Health Club

2005: Massage Therapist and Pilates Teacher in Training at Resolution Physical Therapy and Pilates, Atlanta, GA

2006 - 2007: Apprentice to Balanced Body faculty member Marcia Kilborn at Mouvement Centre (sic) Pilates Studio, Fairhope, AL

2007 - Certified by Pilates Method Alliance

2008 - Present: Owner of Discipline Pilates, Macon, GA

-Jordana Adler



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