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MASSAGE THERAPY: Myoskeletal Alignment & Myofascial Release

Manual bodywork therapy combined with Pilates is the most effective strategy for restoring functional mobility. By integrating massage therapy into your Pilates practice (or beginning a Pilates practice if you already receive massage therapy), more detailed information can be gathered about your physical state. Identifying weaknesses and overstretched areas, assessing joint mobility, and finding areas of tightness, can benefit overall wellbeing.

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy ( MAT) - Myoskeletal alignment therapy (MAT) is a type of bodywork which blends the principles of osteopathy and structural integration to relieve chronic pain, and to reduce the potential for the emergence of pain which could become chronic over time.

Myofascial Release (MFR) - Myofascial Release (MFR) involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the myofascial connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion. This essential “time element” (gentle pressure applied slowly) will allow fascia to elongate.

This schedule is updated daily, for you to browse, for your convenience.

In order to schedule a massage:

1. Pleaase purchase the service prior to calling for your appointment.

2. Once you have purchased your service, please call the studio to reserve your spot. Although you can view the schedule online, you can not schedule through the website. You must contact the studio directly.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


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