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Myoskeletal Alignment

Myoskeletal Alignment is based on the idea that the modernized world is not conducive to a healthy musculoskeletal system, and that long hours hunched over a computer screen in the office sometimes creates unbearable pain and hampers ability to function normally.This kind of bodywork is extremely helpful for people experiencing neck and back pain, or for those working in stressful jobs who feel that their body is being neglected.

The source of chronic pain for many arises from very common imbalances and dysfunctional patterns in the musculoskeletal system. Most chronic pain can be relieved with a combination of skilled manual therapy and intelligent corrective exercise.

The Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT) system brings together the most advanced therapeutic strategies of both to relieve, and ultimately correct, patterns in the body that lead to pain and deterioration. With MAT therapy, clients can be free from pain, avoiding invasive surgery or toxic pain medications.

The human body is comprised of structural systems, such as the anatomy of bones, connective tissue and nerves, and functional systems, such as the neural signals that trigger muscular contraction. These systems are inseparably connected in a continuous feedback loop. Without a thorough understanding of how these systems work together, most common musculoskeletal complaints are incorrectly assessed and treated.

Manipulative Osteopathy
The foundation of Western medicine includes Osteopathy, an approach to medical care based on respect for the body’s inherent ability to self-heal. Doctors of Osteopathy are trained in manual therapy techniques and natural remedies that they use first—before surgery or medication.

Key principles of Osteopathy are part of MAT:

  • Every part of the body is connected to every other part of the body through myofascial connective tissue.
  • By reducing impediments to proper structure and function, practitioners can assist the body’s ability to defend, repair and rebuild itself.
  • Manual therapy includes muscle energy techniques, which combine alternate stretching and isometric contraction.
  • Manual therapy also includes palpation feedback techniques called myofascial release. These boost circulation and lymph drainage, as well as promote the corrective stretch reflex of muscles and fascia.

Developed by Ida Rolf, Rolfing is an approach to therapeutic bodywork that focuses on working with the body’s connective tissues. Appropriate posture and ultimately function are understood as arising from the body’s relationship to gravity and the earth.

Key ideas from Rolfing that influence MAT:

  • Optimal function can only be achieved when the body is in proper alignment.
  • Correcting misalignment must include working with connective tissue to stretch the body’s fascia.
  • A combination of corrective movement and manual therapy is the best way to create lasting improvements in physical alignment and overall wellbeing.
  • Mind and body are deeply intertwined, working together in all posture and movement.
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