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Can I form my own small group?
Yes. Private sessions may be shared with one or two people to form a closed group.

Do you teach Pilates mat?
Not in groups. Please contact the studio for private mat sessions.

How long are the Pilates sessions?
45 minutes.

Where do I park?
Please note that parking is on the opposite side of the street.

Do you teach yoga also?

Where are you located?
Arlington Place, close to the old post office. There is a sign for the studio next to the front door.

How old do I have to be to start?
Children may start Pilates at any age based on their capability, and with instructor's permission.

What should I bring?
Do bring a small towel if you are prone to sweating. Do not bring a roll up mat because you do not need one. Unless you prefer your own type of water, we have complimentary Callaway Blue water available here, so your choice.

What should I wear?
Socks are optional. Clothes should be form fitting and not too revealing. Do not wear clothes with zippers in the back, as they damage the upholstery. Please do not use perfume or body soaps that are heavily fragranced.

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